Hi. I am Jaffar.


I am an Author. Blogger. Trainer. Lecturer. Risk Manager. Consultant. Husband. Father.

I write on various matters in life from experience, exposure, and knowledge. You might not agree with everything you read here, but there is one thing I am sure of. You will not find nonsense.


I welcome your feedback in the comments section beneath each post. If you find any post interesting to you and your network, please feel free to share it.




 I wrote two books in the field of banking, particularly in the field of risk management. In the pipeline, I have two books signed for publications in 2021, 1 book in 2022, and 2 books in 2023.


Trainer & lecturer


I have been giving training courses to practitioners (Bankers, Lawyers, Directors of Boards, etc.) for more than a decade. For testimonials, courses I offer, and list of clients, please visit my dedicated site for training www.jaffaracademy.com


Risk Manager


I am an expert in Risk Management in financial institutions.



I offer advisory services in risk management, corporate governance, compliance, process management, and quality assurance. For more on the consulting side, please visit the website of my practice www.riskineering.com  

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